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Churches in Zrnovo

St Martin's church, Zrnovo

The main church in Zrnovo is a parish church that is dedicated to St. Martin, first mentioned in the archives in 1329. It was probably built after the establishment of the Diocese of Korcula.

It is situated on the hill in Kampus hamlet, overlooking all hamlets of the village. Initially, the first (parish) church of Žrnovo was the church of Saint Vitus (Sveti Vid) situated inside the walls of the local cemetery, but due to the lack of space for further extensions, the church of St. Martin was built instead.

The original church was small, and over the centuries it has been enlarged and expanded. The evidenced of the expansions are recorded in the stone above the main portal:  1619, 1678 and 1911. The present form was completed in 1678 and after another reconstruction in 1913 as well as in recent years.

Bell Tower of St Martin's church, Zrnovo

Bell Tower of St Martin’s church, Zrnovo

St Michael's church, Prvo Selo, Zrnovo

St Michael’s church, Prvo Selo, Zrnovo

Besides St Martin’s parish church, there are 7 other churches in Zrnovo that are currently in use:

  1. Sveti Vid Church – situated within the walls of the local cemetery, mentioned first in the 13th century as the first parish church with some pre-Romanesque fragments from the 12th century.
  2. Sveti Mihovil Church – situated in Prvo Selo hamlet, on the very entrance to the village. It was first mentioned in parish documents in 1329. It was restored in the 16th and 17th centuries.
  3. Mala Gospa Church – also situated in Prvo Selo, built in 1458 by the Baničević family on the foundations of the old church from the 10th century (see video here). The Church is named after the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Nativity of Mary, or the Birth of the Virgin Mary  – a Christian feast day celebrating the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary, celebrated on 08 September every year.
  4. Sveti Rok Church – located in Postrana hamlet, was rebuilt in 1874 on the foundations of an older church from the 16th century. A Christian feast day celebrating Saint Roch or Rocco is held yearly on 16th of August.
  5. Sveti Antun Church in Brdo hamlet, built in 1897.
  6. Sveti Staš (Sv. Eustahije) Church, located on the hill above the Orlanduša bay has the year 1575 engraved in its baptistery.
  7. Sveti Filip & Jakov Church, dating back to 1515  is located in Dubrova, the vineyards area between Žrnovo and Pupnat.
Sveti Anton Church, Brdo Hamlet

Sveti Anton Church, Brdo Hamlet

Sveti Stas Church, on the hill above Orlandusa

Sveti Stas Church, on the hill above Orlandusa

St Mary’s Chapel in Barina, Prvo Selo (1911)

Churches that are out of use and in need of reconstruction are:

  • Sveti Ilija on Veliki Hom Hill (from the 15th century) – see below photo
  • Sveti Lovrinac near Zrnovks Banja (from the 15th century)
  • Sveti Nikola  – a church ruin above Zrnovska Banja (from the 14th century)
  • Sveti Križ, on Humac, a church ruin (from the 15th century)
Sveti Ilija on Veliki Hom Hill (from the 15th century)