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Žrnovo, a small village on Island of Korcula

Žrnovo is a village located about 4 kilometers from Korcula Old Town. It is a small village having just over thousand inhabitants, spreading on the large area and it consist of four separate hamlets which are Prvo Selo, Brdo, Kampus and Postrana. It is one of the oldest settlements on the island. The village has numerous small churches one can see walking along the road from East to West. The village also has its grocery shops, couple of cafes and several traditional restaurants / konobas. The village is a great little place to spend peaceful time and enjoy nature. Wheather you decide to stay in Zrnovo or just do a day trip from Korcula Town of from somewhere else, you will enjoy tranquillity, relaxation and scenery in this lovely place

Panorama of Zrnovo

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